Finland, it’s part of russia?
Right, big fucking tundra full of alcoholics
Life’s hard, winters long and dark
Potatoes and raindeer meat

I love north core!

Swedes are a bunch of spoiled anarchists
Fastest to figure out the next big thing
Copenhagen wishes it was l.a. in ‘81
They got the best folk köket you’ll ever see
I wish more places would be like oslo
But where you wouldn’t have to hide your beer and cheese
And finns… well, we just like to thrash naked

Finland, the most german country
We’re so organised, yet miserable
Been butt-fucked so long that it hurts to walk on your own

We got the winters
We got the long knives
We got the kilju
We got the suicides

American bands wish they sounded like scandi crust
Japanese wish their finnish were better than their english
Brasilians wish they were born here in the good old days
When punk still was a threat
If you’re big name from portland you can tour in sweden
But otherwise better come straight to finland
We’ll warm up the sauna, have a bottle of tar liqueur
Next stop baltics or russia

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