Can you laugh to yourself
Tomorrow's never here
Life rushes like head aches
Beyond the walls
Beyond the racket of self loathe
Not happy here
Happy nowhere
The more we get the less we have
Always in need
In need for something real
There's nothing in nowhere to be found

Scar deep enough to reach the soul
Heart cold enough to feed the soil
You can sleep anywhere
You can die any day

So much weight put on what we're doing
Instead of how
Instead of how and why
Vauhti kiihtyy, nälkä kasvaa, tunto pettää
In and out at the same time...

To wear a crown for a chain and a ball
To carry a cross like a trophy
You could sleep anywhere
You could die any day

Not happy here, happy fucking nowhere
Always in need, paranoid in his self esteem
Not being aware, not hearing what you're saying
Is there something in nowhere to be found...

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