Slept on floors
Passed out in the gutter
Read bukowski
But it doesn't matter
What you're striving for
Self liberation
But to me it looks more like self destruction

Fighting the system by throwing up on it
It's your life, should i give a shit?
But you're not changing anything
Except your brain to slower one

We're the crew
The spiked hair
We're so sincere 'cos we don't care
We hate you
But it's just because we hate ourselves even more

Bought pre-packed
White, male & middle class
Compact disc and a t-shirt to change the world
Bill gates layout for the earth liberation

We're the crew
The clean cut hair
We're so sincere 'cos we do care
Equal rights for everyone to consume more and more...

Yeah, this is the same song you've heard before
Yeah, this is the same fight you fought before

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