The moral majority may call me rejected
But i'm just glad to reject the boredom
Call me a kid, but i still believe
We could be proud without putting eachother down

It's a drea, but a good one to work towards

And maybe someday in every corner of this rotten plave
Everyone will have their share
Grandparents get to tell their tales
We could be who we are without fear...

Or is this all we have left
To fight for freedom and justice?

Punk rock saved my life, but it won't save the world
We can fight the indifference
But everything else is out of our control
I can't believe this is all we have to give
Maybe you do
What else can i say
What else could i do?
Fuck you this is our world too
Fuck you this is our world too
What else can i say
What else should i do but follow my heart?..

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