Why all this rewinding, I’m not a slave to my history
I’m no longer residing on memory lane, I broke free
The rocky roads of the underworld, I got a mark burned in my soul
And on my skin, I’m stigmatized

I’m a tiger that can’t be tamed, I’m a picture that can’t be framed
I’m an outcast who’ll never be sane or accepted, I’m stigmatized

I won’t settle for their torch, I can light one of my own
I’d rather be forever stigmatized than forever paralyzed
From the cage to the grave, it’s not my way,
I might as well be calling it a day, I’m stigmatized

On the rocky roads of the underworld,
Got a restless fire in my soul
Take it as it comes even if it hurts,
It’s the only way to quench my thirst, I’m stigmatized

I’ll take my chances, I want it all or nothing at all

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