This time we wrote a sad song.
It's not necessary for you to singalong.
At such moments we can't believe that life can be so short.
Too short!

Sometimes we think this world can't be kind but
Fire in our hearts is the reason to go on.
And they wanna kill you if you refuse to be blind.
I know you're hurting now but i can't see through your soul.

People are dying is that ok?
No one can live forever and that's ok.
But our lives go on
And all we've got is
Hope, the memories and the luck.

It's not about political position, nationality —
Everyone can be a victim. еven you.
And another hatred can't change this reality.
And blind revenge cannot bring back your friends.
We've gotta try something new!

Every day and everywhere we see this violence in the streets, we feel it.
Sometimes we think we are small.
Disappointment and apathy!
We're not robots. it's ok but
We're not gonna take this new reality of
Hate, the violence and false pride.

We're not gonna!
Keep the silence!
No way!
We gotta shout!
Rest in peace you, friends.

And i hope they'll get into the better world.
And i guess they can hear us. each every word.
Should they like our sadness?
So we better not cry.
We won't give in we will survive!
Keeping on this
Hope, the memories and luck
That's all we've got
Hope, the memories and luck
All we've got is
Hope, the memories and luck
And nothing more!

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