She was young and angry, and she had a dream
Dream of society free of prejudices and hatred
Dream of earth for everyone
Where there will be no one rulled
Where people will decide and share together
Putting people before profit
Global solidarity
Without authorities
Without violence of rich against poor
Where enemy of freedom
Will be enemy of all
Where wish of no one
Will be seen as too small

Reality hits us in the face
State reacts violently, it won’t give up any space
Face it, state don’t care about our dreams
Power to the rich thats just what it means
Police beats up everyone who rise on their feet
They cant understand how someone can fight the hand that feeds

Mothers get afraid when they see
Rise of political consciousness
Of their sons and daughters
Their sights and voices remind too much of the reality
Apathetic masses turn their faces away from the scene
Those who dont
Loose their memory
In the info flow of «ever right» corporate propaganda machine

Hundreds and thousands
Imprisoned and killed
For what they believe
What they think is right
Against state fascism, for equality of all
For justice , freedom and community control
People rise from below
Thats what will bring every state to fall

So all this came out as scream
When people marched the streets
They got punished for their dreams

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